Registry Clean Up Software – Do I Really Need It And What For?

Your computer could be a mess and you don’t even know it. It doesn’t always take errors and crashing to reveal that something is slowing you PC down. If you’re experiencing slow boot up times, or a long lag between opening a program and it starting up you can have some registry issues you don’t even know about.

Registry clean up software is designed to scan through your entire windows registry system looking for

  • Empty registry keys
  • Incorrect file paths and locations
  • Incorrect shortcuts
  • Left over date from removed software programs
  • Items inserted by spyware, adware, phishing scams

All of these can cause your computer to slow down, and even freeze or crash if not tended to.

Why does this happen?

When we first purchase a new PC our windows registry is in tip top shape. There’s no need for registry clean up software, as there isn’t anything to clean up. It’s the second we begin to download programs, install them, remove them, add new hardware, download some more etc. that our windows registries start to get filled up with junk.

Each time we install a new piece of software, create a shortcut for it, and an icon in our start menu new information is added to the registry. Now if you remove that program, and the software doesn’t remove the short cut, the icon or make the removal of it’s system information from the registry then stuff gets left behind. This happens more often then you probably believe.

As our registries grow in size it takes windows longer to search it all, causing things to slow way down. So the cure? Registry clean up software scans for those items mentioned and more. Once the items are found it then repairs or removes items that are errors, and you get to start over with a clean slate.

Do I need to use Registry Clean up software?

No, registry repair software is not the only option to clean up your system registry. All repair shops would be able to do the same job for you, or if you’re up for a big challenge you could do some research and learn how the windows registry system works. There is a built in editor to windows that allows anyone to backup and edit the registry files, how ever it’s important that you know what you’re doing before you go make any manual changes.

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