Is IOS 7 the Best OS Platform That Apple Has Created?

The recent updates by Apple have created a lot of hype in the technology market. The announcement of iOS 7 has created frenzy amongst technology users world over. Google too has announced updates related to its operating system. However, there are a lot of things that one requires considering if they are to purchase the latest Smartphone. It is not only about the latest technology but also about the best platform that any device has to offer.

Let us try to understand these two OSs and find out which one is better:

User interface

Apple has announced a total rehash to its old look replacing it with a new-look in its iOS 7. The Control Center for instance appears translucent and it enables easy navigation and swipe through the bottom of an iDevice. You can easily access various features, functions, media controls and screen settings. You can even access various apps on your lock screen. However when we compare it with the Android platform it seems to be quite similar in functionality with respect to tweets, e-mail messages, sports scores and a lot more.

It seems that Apple has created more of a neat look with everything stacked well including notifications and home screen menu. But Android is more complicated.

Multitasking capability

Apple introduced the ability of mobile multitasking recently but it also seems to successfully run multiple apps without consuming too much battery power. Your iPhone can easily recognize how an app will affect the battery and adapts to it accordingly. It analyzes how it can allocate battery power according to apps. The Android OS keeps any app running at the background of your device thus consuming RAM. Unless you have quit an app, it will keep running even if it is for a long time. This indicates that the Android has yet to develop a smart system for battery conservation.

Mapping functionality

When it comes to Maps and Mapping, Apple has received quite a lot of negative feedback from its users. Still Apple has not released any latest maps or talked about improving it. The 3D maps and search function for its OS X Mavericks is all what we know about. Nonetheless, the multi device approach with maps is something to appreciate. You can search for a location, save it and access it from across all your iDevices.

Google has taken Maps to the next level giving users an easy technology platform to operate and get along with. The best part of Google Maps is its accuracy of geographic locations in accordance to navigation. This is essential when a user needs to turn-by-turn directions in any given area. Android is commendable in this respect.

Browser Features

The recent developments in the Safari browser give you a fascinating full-screen view. This again seems to be an inspiration from Google Chrome that has been long ago incorporated by Google. In Android OS the search bar is hidden, it can be revealed with a swipe. The tab view too is adopted by Apple. Here again it seems that Android is a winner as Apple seems to have merely copied it.

Voice Assistance

Siri by Apple is the most talked about voice assistant. A voice assistant seems to be a necessity these days in Smartphones. Siri helps you toggle controls related to Bluetooth and other settings. Its integration with social media like Twitter, Bing and Wikipedia is appreciable. The introduction of ‘in-car’ system is yet another interesting addition that will help a driver to stay eyes free from the device. Apart from the ‘in-car’ software Android has it all. In this category it seems both are equal. Right from getting baseball scores, to movie schedules and travel times, you have it all on voice command.

Streaming music

The streaming music service provided by both is slightly different. The iTunes Radio is quite similar to Pandora; whereas Google gives you All Access with services similar to Spotify. However with Google’s All Access, you have the freedom to create stations based on the choice of your songs or artist. This way you can tune into your favorite song and album with ease. This function is not present in iTunes as you can only tap to purchase the music.

Again it seems that Android wins this category as everyone enjoys customized music libraries and music streaming.


While there are still talks about the latest updates from Google but if sources are to be believed there are more to come. Additional features and user-friendly functions are some of the additions that Google is about to introduce. However, it is your decision whether you want to select iOS or Android because each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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