How to Dominate Your Enemy In Your Favorite PC Strategy Game: 5 Secret Tips From Pros

How long have you been playing PC strategy games?

No matter what your answer is, if you love playing them then I think you’re ready to learn more. As strategy gamers share some common traits like deep thinking, far vision, steel minded and always hungry to improve their skills.

Why I know it? Because I’m in love with them as well!

The following 5 tips are from my own experiences and other world-class gamers. They work well with me. And although I can’t beat every player on Earth, my winning percentages increase drastically when I apply them. Now, it’s your turn to crush your enemy!

Tip #1: Memorize the maps by heart

When you go compete with people online, you will soon discover an interesting fact.

They only use some popular maps to play on. And it’s your job to know every corner of the maps. Because it will give you an unfair advantage over your competitor.

If you’re familiar with Warcraft III for example, you will understand how important creeping is. It gives you both experience and cool items. If you know where to creep, what item you can expect and where to creep-jack your enemy, victory is certain!

Tip #2: Try to remember some basic strategies

Strategy games are all about strategies, right? Not really, but they do play a huge role in every game you play.

Some basic strategy such as fast expanding, tower rush, mass training some kinds of units are very common in games like Warcraft and Starcraft. But don’t let the word ‘basic’ fool you as they’re very effective and usually punch a serious blow.

Only move to ‘more advanced’ strategies once you master the basics first.

Tip #3: Watch replays

This is my favorite tip and I’m sure it will help you a lot!

What is your favorite player? I’m talking about world-class professional gamers who earn big money every year. No matter who your hero is, if you like his playing style, why not watch him playing?

And the best way to do so is through watching replays. I’ve found out that almost all strategy games nowadays offer this function. Make good use of it.

Tip #4: Practice makes perfect

It doesn’t matter how much you know. If you don’t put your knowledge into real actions, you will never become a competent player.

It’s especially true when it comes to strategy games where you have many skills to practice. Micro skills, map macro, strategy reading, base building, etc. If you just put in only a small amount of time everyday practicing them, you will see a big difference over time.

But it requires you to start!

Tip #5: Equip the best gaming gears

You know what is the winning factor when two players are at the same level of skills? It’s the gaming gears!

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