Explainer Videos for Business and Apps

What is an explainer video? It is a short video introduction to a new product or a new business. These videos last for about 1-2 minutes and in that time they should successfully give answers to basic questions about a certain product or a business. An explainer video should, in a creative manner, explain what the product is about, what can it be used for and why should anyone want to use it.

Imagine it like pitching an idea to your boss or potential investor, you only have a short amount of time, so imagine what would you say, how would you use that time to hook them to the idea. Sometimes, these videos can be used and created before the product is even finished, so that they can arouse interest in the potential customer base.

For your start-up business, an explainer video can be a very useful marketing tool. You have invested some money into the production of an app or a website, and, naturally, you would like to earn some money. To do that, someone has to see your app on website before other apps and someone has to be convinced that your app is exactly what he or her may need. A quality made explainer video can provide you with a needed distinction.

There are several reasons why explainer videos might bring you more effect than traditional text descriptions. One of the reasons is that an online video is much more interactive. They provide much more information in a quicker and easier way, because they have sound and video materials which are more likely to keep the potential user's attention. And we all know how Internet users have a short attention span. Another reason is that an explainer video can provide that your app can be seen, no only on app websites, but also in different media. One more reason why you should use explainer videos is that they can bring you higher conversion rates. Meaning that most of the mobile market users do some research before deciding to buy or download an app. Your business video can help the potential user to make the decision and download your app instead of any other. Because the video showed up in the user's research results and has managed to answer all of his questions about the product.

Nowadays, the mobile apps market is overpopulated with more or less useful apps. There isn't much room left for grand new ideas. But that does not mean you cannot set your app apart from the others. Explainer videos are the most reliable tools to do so, and to earn money.

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