Apple IPhone – Was 2007 Just the Beginning?

Apple’s iPhone was the technology gadget of the year for 2007. From the intense expectation before its release to impressive reviews as soon as it was released to the open market, the iPhone became a must-have for those who can afford the less than affordable price.

Apple announced the iPhone on January 2007 and was introduced in June 2007.

The most important feature of the iPhone was the multi-touch screen. The touch screen allows users to use bare fingers to access the phone’s features unlike other smart phones that either sport mechanical keyboards or require the use of a stylus. Just by tapping on the screen with your finger, you were able to go through its menus, dial numbers, compose SMS or e-mail messages and use the entire functionality of this gadget. Its 3.5-inch screen displays a virtual keyboard for the purpose of inputting text.

Although most people are skeptical about typing with a virtual keyboard, it should be known that Apple has predicted this difficulty and provided the iPhone with features such as automatic spell check, word prediction, and a customizable dictionary that allows its users to add new words. Also it addresses the issue of typographical errors common to touch-screen usage through its self-correcting capabilities.

When it comes to scrolling, no wheel was found at the side of the iPhone. Instead, the functionality of the multi-touch screen allows its user to scroll up or down just by dragging a finger towards the desired direction. The speed by which it is programmed to scroll is proportional to that of the dragged finger.

Other features included headphones that were similar to those of current iPods (another apple invention) but also designed to incorporate a microphone.

In addition to this gadget’s smart features, it allows unrestricted web access through the Mac OS X operating system and the Safari web browser. This allows it to be used just as any other Apple computer actually making it smarter than any other smart phone in the market today.

Several applications were built in as well: text, calendar, photos, camera, YouTube, stocks, maps, weather, clock, and so much more. These applications augmented the phone’s main features: Phone, Mail, Safari (web browsing), and iPod (music).

With all the advancements and enhancements the Apple iPhone was technological marvel and appropriately named Time magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2007.

In conclusion with a wealth of features, the iPhone may be one of, if not the best, handheld mobiles available in the market today. It truly was the 2007 gadget of the year. However there is still a lot of space for improvement.

Those improvements are coming in the summer of 2008 with the new iPhone 3G.

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